A mosaic is greater than the sum of its parts.  ‘Mosaic Green’ is the mix of interdependent components of sustainability: environment, economics and society. Mosaic Green Inc. was started in 2012 by Brian Derkach.


PROFILE of the Principal:

Mr. Derkach is a Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design Accredited Professional for Building Design and New Construction (LEED™- AP [BD+C]). During his tenure with other Consulting Firms, he worked on many LEED™ projects, energy modeling simulations, and sustainability reports for recreation centres, education centres, medical facilities, day cares, retail outlets, and other projects throughout Manitoba, Northwestern Ontario and North Dakota. The LEED™ projects have been registered both through the Canada Green Building Council and the US Green Building Council.  He also worked for the Department of Water Stewardship of the Province of Manitoba, developed a sustainability report for the Canadian Red Cross, and has delivered presentations at conferences.

In previous employment, Mr. Derkach has had management experience; developed new training programs; chaired Continuous Improvement Committees; emceed seminars and symposia; trained many people at the University of Manitoba, the Health Sciences Centre, Seven Oaks Hospital and Assiniboine Community College; coordinated sporting and other events; and has worked for and raised money for charitable NGOs. These accomplishments have given him in-depth knowledge and experience in many different workplaces.


Mr. Derkach has developed competencies in:
• Green Buildings and Policy
• Energy Management
• Environmental Management Systems ISO-14001™
• Environmental Assessment
• Natural Resources Law and Policy
• Environmental Responsibilities

Mr. Derkach has completed his Bachelor of Science in Electrical Engineering and is working toward completing his second degree in Environmental Science. He has also taken additional courses in Economics, Management, Mechanical Engineering, ASHRAE™, Energy Auditing and Green Auditing.