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LEED™ Certification

Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design or LEED
  • LEED™ is a system for rating how green and how energy efficient a building is. Points are awarded for meeting design and efficiency criteria. The final assessment of the points is determined by the Canada Green Building Council, and if certified, is awarded one of the following ratings: Certified, Silver, Gold or Platinum.
  • LEED™ can be applied in several ways. There is LEED™ for New Construction and Major Renovations, Commercial Interiors, Existing Building Operations and Management, and others.
  • LEED™ certification can be achieved for New Homes. LEED™ principles can  also be applied to existing homes and renovations..

LEED™ Overload

  • LEED™ or Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design projects are undertaken by many consulting companies.
  • In some cases, when there is a crunch time with a deadline looming, we can help you get those LEED™ credit submissions completed.

If you would like to explore the details of LEED™ certification, please contact us.



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